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Flirting With Travel

“All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it.”

– Samuel Johnson

This explains a great travel philosophy for not limiting your destinations. There’s something great to experience no matter where you go.

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To Morocco or Not To Morocco

That is the question!!!!

As I sift through all the history of the North African country, I’m bombarded with a sense of heritage that dates back to when Moors were a prevalent force… Still may be. But I’m not to sure, which is precisely why I need to go!!!

For any vacation people tend to look and read and look at pictures upon more pictures upon yet some another batch of images. Creating this sense of need and urgency to discover this new and enticing realm…. Well I began looking at Moroccan food and although many culinary zealots rave about the diversity and history within. I’m at a lost, similar to being punched in the stomach; completely deflating the wind out of my sails. I am a food person, I love eating! So a vacation can be made or broken on the countries cuisine lol and Moroccan food, well it leaves a lot to be desired visually. Sheeps head is a commonality when eating street fair, also snail soup (supposedly it’s a great antidote for a fever) yuck! The bread looks promising lol so much for my low carb diet!

I need advice and feed back… Who enjoys their food???



Here I go.. On another Tangent

I am 28 years old. Still a baby relatively. You know we no longer live to the days that Methuselah lived in where dying at a ripe old of 271 was considered a travesty since you still typically had another 500 years to go lol I believe life is about twisted controversies and weird untimely epiphanies after many heartaches, triumphs and/or failures. Do I believe in the afterlife? Well I’m not sure. I’m not completely sold on heaven being our earthly dreams that have come true for being a good girl or boy or both depending on where you are at mentally lol nor do I feel like ive elevated spiritually to the level of being ecstatic to listen to harps and walk on gold singing praises every waking hour… Maybe I’m wrong, in all honesty I felt like a traitor saying the last part lol But its important to say how we feel, right? I know I cant walk around afraid to express what is brewing inside. I personally feel that’s why kids shoot up schools. That and terrible child rearing! Yup, parents are weak ass hell nowadays. You shouldnt have an option until you are out on your own. How can you effectively raise a child and allow them to tell you what you are teaching them is wrong lol They shouldnt know your failures as a parent untill they are paying their own bills! Well they might know while in the house but they shouldnt have the OPTION to tell you how they feel in the house. Bullying can be a troublesome problem, but an inability to target what the problem is and effectively solve it weakens you as an individual. Hmmm I went off on a tangent, the point is that some of my epiphanies are rather precarious and definitely offensive.